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Fairy Christmas presents, fairies elves and pixies Fairy Christmas presents
Fairies World
Fairies World

Fairy Christmas presents from Fairies World.

We bring you lots of ideas for your children`s present.

Have a Merry Festive Season
and a
Whimsical New Year.

Fairy Christmas presents
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Fairies World is available to authors, publishers and businesses requiring pictures and illustrations of fairies, butterflies and flowers.

A message from Myrea of Fairies World

Fascinated from my earliest memories of the world of fairies, of wondrous stories of my childhood, I tended not to over read the books I was gifted with, but be enchanted by the wonderful illustrations of Margaret Tarrant , Cicely Mary Barker, Rene Cloke and Arthur Rackham.

I was one of three children, and my brother and sister and I were all encouraged to draw. We spent so many of our childhood hours when not doing our schoolwork, and every weekend, drawing and painting or colouring. Was I blessed as the only one who saw them? Maybe I was the only one who believed in them!

We had this competitive nature, the three of us, each doing our best to produce better likenesses, particularly eyes, mushroom houses and rickety old beamed cottages. Our art flourished, my sister finally preferring to draw still life and animals, my brother studying and graduating in graphic design, his outstanding drawings produced with thousands of ink dots called pointillism.

Born in 1970, my interests centre around classical music, and I`m a great fan of the Beatles, conservation of the environment and wildlife. A true nature lover for the beauty and colours of the flowers, of all things small and delicate, I spend hours photographing or drawing from my experiences.

I travel extensively throughout Europe in my quest to search for the hideaways of the little people and their friends and to show the world that such beauty is in the eye of the beholder and, like me if you really believe, then surely you too will see the fairies at the bottom of your garden

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